VIBROTRACK™ Vibration System

The Vibrotrack™ Vibration System has continuous track sections welded to the form allowing an infinite number of vibrator positions. The vibrator base, or sled, is positioned in the continuous track in the desired location. When energized with compressed air, the sled locks in place and the vibrator starts. When completed turn the air off to stop the vibrator and unlock the sled. The vibrator can now be roller into the next location.

Mounting Options Available:

  • Two roller sleds for side mount
  • Four roller sleds for under form mount
  • Multiple Mach® vibrators to meet your requirements
  • Vibrotrack available separately for customer installation

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Vibratory Screed

High EnergyTM Vibratory Aluminum Screeds apply high frequency vibration directly into the concrete from the top. These manually operated screeds are a great option for use on flat slabs, wall panels, architectural panels and similar products. Each screed is equipped with two Mach® series pneumatic vibrators, wear plates, batwing angles to control material overflow, and vibration isolated handles.

Mounting Options Available:

  •  Custom designed and built to match you form width
  • Mach® vibrators to match your requirements

MACH® External Vibrators

The Mach® Vibrator is a high frequency, low amplitude external concrete vibrator. The unique design requires no bearings and contains only three moving parts, keeping maintenance to a minimum. The vibrator can be assembled with interchangeable roller weights to change the performance characteristics of the vibrator. This workhorse vibrator can be mounted and adapted to meet many applications in the production process.

Mounting Options Available:

  • Weld on cradle lug brackets
  • Bolt on bracketed plates
  • Vibratory screed mounting plates
  • VibrotrackTM sleds

SCM-5500-36 is in stock, ready to ship. 

Power Units and Carts

PU35/PU46 Power Units are designed for high volume, high speed, pre-stressing operations. The unit can be setup for 1⁄2-inch (35 kips) or .6-inch (46 kips) stressing capability. A 10 HP – 3 PH electric motor powers an energy saving variable displacement, pressure compensated, pump that reduces heat build-up. The fully programable digital monitor allows easy tracking of initial and final pressures. Units have standard safety devices as well as fork tubes and integral lifting lugs for transport. The pull rate up to 7 seconds per foot, makes it one of the fastest machines on the market.

Availalble Options Include:

  • System transport cart with foam filled tires
  • Multiple voltage inputs 3 PH – 60 Hertz
  • 380 VAC- 50 Hertz input
  • Extended length hoses

Positioning Frames

The Positioning Frame with a chain hoist and trolley makes it simple to position the jack for stressing at the end of the bed. Twelve inch dual wheels with pneumatic casters and front swivel wheels for easy maneuverability. Standard frame is nominal 9-foot wide by 8-foot high.

Availalble Options Include:

  • Extended beam length
  • Electric or pneumatic hoist

Pull-Type Jacks

Hamilton Form’s Pull-type Tensioning Jacks are commonly used for single stroke tensioning on long-line forms where handling equipment is available and there is ample room at the end of the bed.

Tensioning jacks are available in 36″, 48″ and 60″ strokes for 1/2″ or .6 strand. A “Y”-chain sling is included for easy manipulation into strand, a magnetic torpedo level is included to make sure the unit is level and an anti-twist bar on the pulling yoke can be used to measure elongation.


  • MODEL: PS35K/36/JACK
  • capacity: 35,100 pounds
  • Tensioning Stroke: 36 inches
  • Ram Pull Area: 10 square inches
  • Nose Length: 9 inches
  • Overall Length: 105 inches
  • Weight: 250 pounds
  • MODEL: PS35K/48/JACK
  • Capacity: 35,100 pounds
  • Tensioning Stroke: 48 inches
  • Ram Pull Area: 10 square inches
  • Nose Length: 9 inches
  • Overall Length: 129 inches
  • Weight: 290 pounds
  • MODEL: PS35K/60/JACK
  • Capacity: 35,100 pounds
  • Tensioning Stroke: 60 inches
  • Ram Pull Area: 10 square inches
  • Nose Length: 9 inches
  • Overall Length: 153 inches
  • Weight: 328 pounds


  • MODEL: PS46K/48/JACK
  • Capacity: 47,000
  • Tensioning Stroke: 48 inches
  • Ram Pull Area: 16.49 square inches
  • Nose Length: 9 inches
  • Overall Length: 130 inches
  • Weight: 425 pounds
  • MODEL: PS46K/60/JACK
  • Capacity: 47,000
  • Tensioning Stroke: 6048 inches
  • Ram Pull Area: 16.49 square inches
  • Nose Length: 9 inches
  • Overall Length: 530 inches
  • Weight: 460 pounds

Center-Hole Jack

Center-Hole Tensioning Jacks are designed to be used on shorter forms where space may be limited. These simple, durable, easy-to-use jacks have been used extensively throughout the precast prestressed industry for over 50 years. Able to be used on 1⁄2-inch strand with 12”, 20”, and 24” stroke models, your short stressing requirements can be efficiently met. Powering the jacks is the P10000 Power Unit which has a flow capacity of 1.73 GPM @ 1200 PSI and 0.24 GPM @ 8600 PSI. It requires 110 VAC, single phase power and weighs 200lbs.

Availalble Options Include:

  •  System transport cart with foam filled tires
  • Extended length hoses

Utility Casting Machines

Hamilton Form Company’s Utility Casting Machines are our upper tier Production Machines designed to handle heavy tasks in your production process. Machines are custom designed to meet you needs for increased productivity, labor savings, and quality consistency. All machines are engineered to be self-contained and self-propelled on several wheel platforms. The wide variety of options allow you to get the machine to fit your exact requirements.

Availalble Options Include:

  • Vibrating and oscillating screeds
  • Strand pulling legs
  • On-board air compressor
  • On-board Auto-Crane
  • Header storage and transfer
  • Hand-held remote-control operation
  • Brush form cleaning system
  • On-board operator station or walking controls

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Tarp/Screed Machines

Hamilton Form Company’s tarp carts are our lower tier Production Machines designed to handle multiple tasks in your production process. Highly practical and versatile, Hamilton Form carts are designed to be self-contained and self-propelled on several drive wheel platforms. Our carts allow a single operator to roll and unroll tarps and curing blankets of any length, greatly reducing wear, tear and labor time in an employee safe process.

Availalble Options Include:

  • Strand pulling
  • Multiple interchanging spools for different beds
  • Oscillating screed
  • Hand-held remote control operation
  • Drive on form or steel track
  • Drive-on, steerable rubber tire

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