MACH<sup>®</sup> External Vibrators

The Mach® Vibrator is a high-frequency, low-amplitude external concrete vibrator. The unique design requires no bearings and contains only three moving parts, keeping maintenance to a minimum.

Vibratory Screed

High EnergyTM Vibratory Aluminum Screeds apply high-frequency vibration directly into the concrete from the top. These manually operated screeds are a great option for use on flat slabs, wall panels, architectural panels and similar products.

VIBROTRACK™ Vibration System

The Vibrotrack™ Vibration System has continuous track sections welded to the form allowing an infinite number of vibrator positions.

Center-Hole Jack

Center-Hole Tensioning Jacks are designed to be used on shorter forms where space may be limited. These simple, durable, easy-to-use jacks have been used extensively throughout the precast prestressed industry for over 50 years.

Pull-Type Jacks

Hamilton Form Company’s Pull-type Tensioning Jacks are commonly used for single-stroke tensioning on long-line forms where handling equipment is available and there is ample room at the end of the bed.

Positioning Frames

The Positioning Frame with a chain hoist and trolley makes it simple to position the jack for stressing at the end of the bed.

Power Units and Carts

PU35/PU46 Power Units are designed for high-volume, high-speed prestressing operations. The unit can be set up for 1⁄2-inch (35 kips) or .6-inch (46 kips) stressing capability.

Square Spiral Machines

The Square Spiral Forming Machine forms 6-inch to 30-inch continuous square spirals from wire up to 3/8 inches in diameter. The machine is powered by a 10 hp electric motor coupled to a variable displacement hydraulic pump. The pump displacement is variable for precise speed control without buildup of heat. The forming head jog and reverse functions are incorporated into push-button controls. The forming head speed is continuously variable from 10 to 45 rpm.

Tarp/Screed Machines

Hamilton Form Company’s tarp carts are our lower tier production machines designed to handle multiple tasks in your production process. Highly practical and versatile, Hamilton Form carts are designed to be self-contained and self-propelled on several drive-wheel platforms. Our carts allow a single operator to roll and unroll tarps and curing blankets of any length, greatly reducing wear, tear and labor time in an employee-safe process.