Casting Tables and Deck Slabs

Steel top Casting Tables And Deck Slab Forms are being utilized for casting a variety of flat products by precasters. The size and type of product will dictate the type of form needed for your application. Forms can be a flat top design or can have one or both sides fixed for both self-stressing and non-self-stressing forms. Skin thickness can vary from 1⁄4” thick to 1⁄2” thick depending on your product requirements and preferences. Seam condition and seam position can be designed to fit your needs.

Optional Features Include:

  • Bolt down or magnetic rails
  • Vibrotrack™ on bottom or side of form
  • Gravity abutments or integral stressing ends
  • Single and dual surface product headers

Supporting Equipment Available:

  • Stressing Jacks
  • Power Units and Carts
  • Positioning Frames
  • Tarp/Screed Carts
  • Utility Casting Machines
  • Flat Deck Cleaner

Installation & Anchoring Forms