Strand Hold-Ups

Internal Strand Hold-ups are designed to keep strand properly positioned when setting up beams with depressed strand. The Strand Hold-up has a baseplate designed to distribute the downward force evenly over the soffit and vertical plate. The vertical plate has rows strand rollers to hold the strand at the proper height.

Available Options Include:

  • Several strand roller sizes
  • Different roller spacing and heights
  • Multiple harping load capacities
  • Base plates to exactly fit soffit width

Strand Depressors

Hamilton Form’s Strand Depressors provide a reliable and labor efficient method of depressing strands. The system consists of a Depressor Beam that fits over the form top, a Telescoping Pin that allows for depression depth, and a Hydraulic Depressor Tool that locks into place. Once set-up, workers move away and remotely activate the tool to push the pin to the proper depth where is them anchored into place.

Available Options Include:

  • Adjustable pins
  • 10-kip or 15-kip capacity
  • Multiple pin tip designs
  • Replaceable pin tips
  • Attachment devices for most form designs

Magnetic Corners

Hamilton Form’s steel window and door block-out system is an easy to use, labor saving alternative to wood block-outs. Magnetic steel corners can be used along side either wood or steel components to give you the flexibility required. Corners can be designed to meet the requirements of you job for draft, height, and shape.

Available Options Include:

  • Fixed or removable chamfer
  • Add-on risers in multiple shapes and sizes
  • Square or radius corner conditions
  • Different slopes and shapes from one side to the adjoining side

Custom Magnetic Rails

Hamilton form engineering department can work with you to design a custom magnetic side rail system to meet your specifications. Magnetic rails allow for daily relocation of edge rails or fixtures without damage to any casting surface. Any one of a kind set-up becomes easy with the versatility available.

Available Options Include:

  • Add on risers and stacking risers
  • Intricate contours formed and machined to spec
  • Continuous edge connection hardware attachment holes
  • Preconfigured for bolt-down and/or magnet use

Button Magnets

The Button Magnet is a versatile and easy to use answer for holding rails and components in place without damaging casting surfaces. With its low-profile cross-section, our 2200 lb. Button Magnets can be used on rails as short as 1-7/8 inches tall. Our 4400 lb. Button Magnets can be used on rails as tall as 16 inches tall or more with additional support. All Button Magnets are easily engaged by pressing the center button down and disengaged with use of a disengagement tool.

Available Options Include:

  • Outrigger bars for holding rails and components
  • Custom block-outs and reveals

Flat Deck Form Cleaner

The Flat Deck Cleaner is a self-contained, efficient, and easy to use machine for cleaning and maintaining any flat casting surface. Regular daily use will help eliminate build-up and surface issues. With a 58-inch brush and variable speed drive system, an operator can rapidly complete daily cleanup tasks. Segmented polypropylene brushes are easily replaced when wore.

Features Include:

  • Honda electric start 26 HP engine
  • All hydraulic operation
  • Forward and reverse motion with adjustable speed control
  • Adjustable brush speed and penetration
  • Brush height adjustment for wear compensation

Piling Form Cleaner

The Piling Form Cleaner is a big brother to our Double Tee Stem Cleaner. It has 36-inch rollers to allow the machine to operate on 10-inch to 24-inch and multi-line piling forms. Unit can be easily modified to operate on up to 36″ piling or Next Tee. Brush assemblies are custom made with abrasive grit encapsulated filaments to fit individual form size and shape. Brush strips can be adjusted outward as they wear to extend life. The brush assemblies are easily interchanged for machine use on multiple size pile forms.


  • Honda electric start 13 HP engine
  • Automatic idle down and brush disengagement when handle bail is released
  • Adjustable brushes and Brush Replacement kits

Double Tee Stem Cleaner

The Double Tee Stem Cleaner targets one of the most difficult to reach areas for cleaning. Regular use will decrease built-up and stripping problems. The machine is self-contained, rides easily on multiple forms, and is easy to transport. The cone shaped brush is made up of multiple disc sections in varying diameters configured to fit the stem width and depth of your double tee. Brush assemblies easily interchange for machine use on several different cross-sections.

Features Include:

  • Honda electric start 13HP engine
  • Automatic idle down and brush disengagement when handle bail is released
  • Nylon filament brush segments are encapsulated with abrasive grit and easily replaced
  • Cup shaped bottom brush cleans even the bottom surface of stems

Steel Chamfer Strips

Hamilton Form has Steel Chamfer Strips And Magnetic Chamfer Strips in stock in 1⁄2”and 3⁄4” sizes. All strips are made from cold drawn 1018 steel and are available in 10-foot length. Non-magnetic strips can typically ship out the day after the order and magnetic strips ship within 7-10 days.

Options available include:

  • Magnets installed in hypotenuse
  • Magnets installed in short side

EZ-Roll Form Movement System

EZ-Roll is a new, hydraulically operated roll back system for positioning side forms on long-line beds. Side forms are installed on a track and roller system. The rollers are designed to be tip resistant providing a safe and stable working area when the bed is open. Once the bed is set-up for casting, the side forms can be easily and quickly retracted with a hydraulic power unit.

Wheel carriages install under a bed’s soffit system and can easily be installed with a new bed or can be retrofitted on existing beds.

The EZ-Roll system moves an entire side of side forms at once and opens completely in seconds – not minutes, saving time, labor and crane usage. The advantages of time and labor are significant, but not as significant as the safety advantages. The use of heavy equipment like cranes in a precast plant can be dangerous and expensive. The new EZ-Roll powered side form roll back system is the easy and safe solution for side form movement.

Benefits Include:

  • Eliminates employee exposure to the hazards involved with the lifting and moving of side forms.
  • Decreases production cycle times allowing increased output and increased profits. Side forms can be opened up to 5’ in less than 20 seconds.
  • Reduces labor by as much as 90% on side form positioning when setting-up and stripping product.
  • Eliminates the use and expense of cranes and lifts for positioning side forms.
  • Provides a safe, stable, tip-resistant base for side form lines.
  • Extends the life of your girder side forms by eliminating form damage due to crane movement and storage.

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