Saf-T-Mate™ Catwalk System

Saf-T-Mate™ Catwalk System is a hinged, elevated, work platform and safety railing used to reach the top of tall side forms. It comes in 10-foot sections that attach to the side form with a simple hinged connection. Each section has three support arms and a grip strut walking surface to provide a safe, solid work platform.

EZ-Roll Form Movement System

EZ-Roll is a new, hydraulically operated roll-back system for positioning side forms on long-line beds. Side forms are installed on a track and roller system. The rollers are designed to be tip resistant, providing a safe and stable working area when the bed is open. Once the bed is set up for casting, the side forms can be easily and quickly retracted with a hydraulic power unit.

Steel Chamfer Strips

Hamilton Form Company has Steel Chamfer Strips and Magnetic Chamfer Strips in stock in 1⁄2-inch, 3⁄4-inch, and 1-inch sizes. All strips are made from cold drawn 1018 steel and are available in 10-foot lengths.

Double Tee Stem Cleaner

The Double Tee Stem Cleaner targets one of the most difficult-to-reach areas for cleaning. Regular use will decrease buildup and stripping problems. The machine is self-contained, rides easily on multiple forms and is easy to transport.

Piling Form Cleaner

The Piling Form Cleaner is a big brother to our double tee stem cleaner. It has 36-inch rollers to allow the machine to operate on 10-inch to 24-inch and multi-line piling forms. Brush assemblies are custom made with abrasive grit encapsulated filaments to fit individual form size and shape.

Flat Deck Form Cleaner

The Flat Deck Cleaner is a self-contained, efficient and easy-to-use machine for cleaning and maintaining any flat casting surface. Regular daily use will help eliminate buildup and surface issues. With a 58-inch brush and variable speed drive system, an operator can rapidly complete daily cleanup tasks.

Button Magnets

The Button Magnet is a versatile and easy-to-use answer for holding rails and components in place without damaging casting surfaces.

Custom Magnetic Rails

Hamilton Form Company’s engineering department can work with you to design a custom magnetic side rail system to meet your specifications. Magnetic rails allow for daily relocation of edge rails or fixtures without damage to any casting surface.

Magnetic Corners

Hamilton Form Company’s steel window and door block-out system is an easy-to-use, labor-saving alternative to wood block-outs. Magnetic steel corners can be used alongside wood or steel components to give you the flexibility required.

Strand Depressors

Hamilton Form Company’s Strand Depressors provide a reliable and labor-efficient method of depressing strands.