Center-Hole Jack

Center-Hole Tensioning Jacks are designed to be used on shorter forms where space may be limited. These simple, durable, easy-to-use jacks have been used extensively throughout the precast prestressed industry for over 50 years.

Pull-Type Jacks

Hamilton Form Company’s Pull-type Tensioning Jacks are commonly used for single-stroke tensioning on long-line forms where handling equipment is available and there is ample room at the end of the bed.

Positioning Frames

The Positioning Frame with a chain hoist and trolley makes it simple to position the jack for stressing at the end of the bed.

Power Units and Carts

PU35/PU46 Power Units are designed for high-volume, high-speed prestressing operations. The unit can be set up for 1⁄2-inch (35 kips) or .6-inch (46 kips) stressing capability.