MACH® External Vibrators

The Mach® Vibrator is a high frequency, low amplitude external concrete vibrator. The unique design requires no bearings and contains only three moving parts, keeping maintenance to a minimum. The vibrator can be assembled with interchangeable roller weights to change the performance characteristics of the vibrator. This workhorse vibrator can be mounted and adapted to meet many applications in the production process.

Mounting Options Available:

  • Weld on cradle lug brackets
  • Bolt on bracketed plates
  • Vibratory screed mounting plates
  • VibrotrackTM sleds

SCM-5500-36 is in stock, ready to ship.  Other models are available as special orders

Positioning Frames

The Positioning Frame with a chain hoist and trolley makes it simple to position the jack for stressing at the end of the bed. Twelve inch dual wheels with pneumatic casters and front swivel wheels for easy maneuverability. Standard frame is nominal 9-foot wide by 8-foot high.

Availalble Options Include:

  • Extended beam length
  • Electric or pneumatic hoist

Utility Casting Machines

Hamilton Form Company’s Utility Casting Machines are our upper tier Production Machines designed to handle heavy tasks in your production process. Machines are custom designed to meet you needs for increased productivity, labor savings, and quality consistency. All machines are engineered to be self-contained and self-propelled on several wheel platforms. The wide variety of options allow you to get the machine to fit your exact requirements.

Availalble Options Include:

  • Vibrating and oscillating screeds
  • Strand pulling legs
  • On-board air compressor
  • On-board Auto-Crane
  • Header storage and transfer
  • Hand-held remote-control operation
  • Brush form cleaning system
  • On-board operator station or walking controls

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Square Spiral Machines

The Square Spiral Forming Machine forms 6″ to 30″ continuous square spirals from wire up to 3/8″ diameter. The machine is powered by a 10 hp electric motor coupled to a variable displacement hydraulic pump. The pump displacement is variable for precise speed control without buildup of heat. The forming head jog and reverse functions are incorporated into push button controls. The forming head speed is continuously variable from 10 to 45 rpm. The predetermining electronic counter can be preset for a given number of turns per coil. The forming machine stops automatically after the preset number of turns is formed to eliminate manually counting back each time a coil is cut off. The counter keeps track of the batch count as well. The forming head stops automatically when the guard is raised. The different sized heads can be accommodated by moving the follower head carriage assembly toward or away from the forming head. The forming heads are mounted with split taper bushings for easy changeout.

Setup time is minimal due to quick release cam levers incorporated into the adjustments throughout the machine. An external air supply capable of 120 psi at very low volume is required to charge the air cylinder which acts as a spring on the follower head carriage.

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Architectural Casting Table

Hamilton Form’s Architectural Casting Table is designed to produce prestressed panels with an architectural finish. The understructure is made up of paired channels with stressing bars running through the channels. Load is transferred through the bars to the jacking abutments. The table is topped with a wood deck finished by the precaster to create the desired architectural finish. This design leaves the casting surface totally unaffected by stress loads.

Optional Features Include:

  • Fixed steel side rails
  • Hydraulically operated side rails
  • Adjustable jacking plates and hanging weldments
  • Spandrel loading capacity on one or both sides of the table
  • Vibrotrack™ vibration system attached to the underside of the table
  • Capstan winch system for Vibrotrack™

Supporting Equipment Available:

  • Flat Deck Cleaner
  • Stressing Jacks
  • Power Units and Carts
  • Strand Needles

Installation & Anchoring Forms

The understructure is made up of
back-to-back channels.

The steel understructure is topped with wood.

Hydraulic sideform with a bolt-on riser.