Custom Steel Forms and Equipment for the Precast, Prestressed Concrete Industry

Custom Steel Forms and Equipment for the Precast, Prestressed Concrete Industry

EZ-Roll is a new, hydraulically operated roll-back system for positioning side forms on long-line beds. Side forms are installed on a track and roller system. The rollers are designed to be tip resistant, providing a safe and stable working area when the bed is open. Once the bed is set up for casting, the side forms can be easily and quickly retracted with a hydraulic power unit.

Wheel carriages install under a bed’s soffit system and can easily be installed with a new bed or can be retrofitted on existing beds.

The EZ-Roll system moves an entire side of side forms at once and opens completely in seconds — not minutes — saving time, labor and crane usage. The advantages of time and labor are significant but not as important as the safety advantages. The use of heavy equipment like cranes in a precast plant can be dangerous and expensive. The new EZ-Roll powered side form roll-back system is the easy and safe solution for side form movement.

Benefits Include:

  • Eliminates employee exposure to the hazards involved with the lifting and moving of side forms.
  • Decreases production cycle times, allowing increased output and increased profits. Side forms can be opened up to 5 feet in less than 20 seconds.
  • Reduces labor by as much as 90% on side form positioning when setting up and stripping product.
  • Eliminates the use and expense of cranes and lifts for positioning side forms.
  • Provides a safe, stable, tip-resistant base for side form lines.
  • Extends the life of your girder side forms by eliminating form damage due to crane movement and storage.
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