Inverted Tee Beam

An Adjustable Inverted Tee can be designed to be highly adjustable to cast a wide variety of inverted tee configurations and L-beams. While most inverted tee forms are designed to be self-stressing, non-self-stressing designs can be provided. From a complex multiple configuration form to a simple single product design, Hamilton Form Company will design and build the form to your needs.

Optional Features Include:

  • Hydraulically activated top side forms
  • Side and bottom fillers
  • Blockouts to produce L-beams
  • Vibrotrack™
  • Adjustable beam width
  • Adjustable beam height
  • Multiple top tie designs

Supporting Equipment Available:

  • Stressing Jacks
  • Power Units and Carts
  • Strand Needles

Installation & Anchoring Forms

Form bolted for narrow base, with
raised block-outs

Form bolted for wide base, ledge
block-outs with riser

Form in open position