Saf-T-Mate™ Catwalk System

Saf-T-Mate™ is a hinged, elevated, work platform and safety railing used to reach the top of tall side forms. It comes in ten-foot sections that attach to the side form with a simple hinged connection. Each section has three support arms and a grip strut walking surface to provide a safe, solid work platform. The safety rail attaches to the platform with a three-point post to connect and lock the rail in place. The safety rail is designed to withstand 200 pounds of force in any direction as required by OSHA.

Saf-T-Mate™ can be easily retrofitted on existing sideforms. Standard ten foot sections can be installed along the entire length of the sideforms by hand, with no special handling equipment, making it easy to use the platform and rail on multiple forms within the plant.

The hinged connection allows the platform and rail to drop out of the way when not in use and to provide clearance for curing covers. When dropped, the rail can be removed to allow the sideforms to be lifted or moved back for stripping.

Saf-T-Mate™ is a convenient alternative to a typical catwalk permanently attached to a form. It’s safer and more convenient than moving a separate structure in and out of place to reach the top of a sideform. Although most companies consider safety their highest priority; most companies struggle with finding a well-designed, safe and cost-effective catwalk system.

Saf-T-Mate™ is the answer.