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Hamilton Form Company has been designing and building custom steel forms for the precast industry since 1966. During that time, we have established a reputation for quality and innovation. We’re responsible for many industry firsts:

  • A 15-foot-wide double tee

  • Casting tables for a precast, prestressed concrete pavement project in Texas

  • Adjustable stair forms

  • Self-stressing piling forms.

With a strong commitment to customer service, Hamilton Form has grown and evolved with the industry. Today, form lengths, stressing capacity, and use of automation and equipment to improve productivity have all increased. These changes have had an impact on the way we design and build forms. Tolerances must be tight when building long-line forms. Reinforcement and anchoring are more complex with added stressing capacity. And our capabilities have grown to include an extensive offering of plant production equipment.

At Hamilton Form, our sole mission is to build forms and equipment for the precast, prestressed concrete industry. It’s the only thing we do.

Over the years, we have learned that each form we build is unique, just like our customers. Every form that we build, every piece of equipment that we design is executed with our customers’ specific needs in mind. Hamilton Form is dedicated to its customers’ success because we know that our success is dependent on the success of our customers.

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