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Brand Standards

HAMILTON FORM COMPANY – Brand Standards 2022 September 1, 2022

Marketing contacts:  Laura Bennett cell 407/701-5454 or and Bob Mills

High Resolution - 1mg download

HF-2024 Logo-High Resolution.jpg

Web Size Log - 41kb download - Right Click to save image

Color Profiles


How to refer to company, Hamilton Form Company, sometimes just Hamilton Form

Red color- see CMYK and RGB

Black is secondary color

“Hamilton Blue” is PMS 7690 (color of forms seen in photos)

Font:  Nimbus Sans Cond L bold


Elements on ads and all collateral: 

Headlines and copy are all left justified

Never use hyphenation or break a word between sentences

No one-word danglers

Red borders must be consistent on all ads

Layout and spacing must be consistent on all ads

Use QR code

Never use grey type on anything – black or red only

Here are standards hashtags:

  • #precastisallwedo

  • #precast

  • #precastconstruction

  • #precastconcerete

  • #precastconcreteforms

  • #hamiltonformcompany

  • #project-specific

Brand Standards

Example Ad Text Here if needed

PCI Journal Nov 2023 - to Bob for his review Oct 2 full page

Cpi Journal Little Island half page 2022 BEST JPG

Unistress Waffle Slab CPI

Molin Stair Form_PCI.Journal.4.1

hf-cpi-2-3s-mercedez-benz (002) UPDATED for Issue 5 2023

ValleyRound Pile PCI Journal AD

Shockey Giant Tee

Editorial for Precast Show 82610

Email 2 - Special Supplement pg47-66_Coreslab_SO2023

Valley Prestress Equipment

NE Prestressed Arched Soffit CPI

Concrete Products Advertorial dec 2014

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