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Hamilton Form Company Has Just Announced a Scholarship

Are you interested in improving your skills or have a family member or friend who is?

The Hamilton Form Company - Daily and Ollmann Tuition Assistance Scholarship offers up to $2,000 to anyone, of any age, if they fit these eligibility requirements:

1. Applicants can be anyone who is planning to attend a technical school or approved craft training

2. Applicant MUST desire a career in a construction-related industry.

3. Applicant can be a full-time or part-time employee of a construction-related entity, student, or part-time student.

4. Applicant MUST be enrolled or intend to enroll in accredited program as approved by the Foundation.

5. Applicant MUST pursue a qualification, certificate, or credential in a construction discipline or in Construction-related programs. 6. Applicant MUST be a U. S. citizen or documented permanent resident of the United States.

7. Applicant must be a resident of Texas, Oklahoma or New Mexico. For more info and eligibility requirements visit: For questions contact Casey Snyder in Human Resources, Hamilton Form Company.


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