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How To Spend $110 Billion in Federal Money?

The US government’s newly-passed $1.2 Trillion infrastructure bill allots $110 Billion in federal dollars to repair and replace roads and bridges over the next 5 years.

Infrastructure investment, is an investment in opportunity, said President Biden. It is also an opportunity for the precast industry said Bob Mills with

Hamilton Form Company.

“New and replacement bridges are far more advanced than they were decades ago when most of these crumbling bridges were originally built. Which means the need for more precise, intricate and highly engineered steel forms will be critical to the speed and volume of these repairs.” Forms are more critical, and more complex, than ever before. We are already seeing inquiries come in with new jobs as the counties and cities across the US have already started the bid process. We realize the form design is one of the initial steps and our team will move quickly, efficiently and with a high degree of excellence to assure our precast client partners have no problem keeping up with this new, nationwide demand. Hamilton Form has been making custom steel forms for more than 55 years and makes the custom forms for girders, deck slabs, next beams, bevel plates, pile caps, floor decks and other highly engineered elements that will be necessary for the bridge replacement and repair work coming down the pike. We look forward to working with ar- chitects, engineers and producers to demonstrate the benefits of prestressed and precast concrete to assure these repairs and new bridges last for another 100 years.


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