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Precast Industry Leader Hamilton Form Company Debuts Its Smart Stress System The Precast Show in Denver – Booth #1047

Fort Worth, TX --- (February 22,2024)   Few things are as important to a precast business as safety, labor savings and improving the end product.  With the Smart Stress System (SSS) by Hamilton Form Company all three benefits are found in this smart piece of equipment, making its debut at the 2024 Precast Show in Denver, CO February 6 – 10, 2024. Click here to see our booth location.


“We’ve been around for more than 55 years and were founded on supporting the precast industry, and the customers we serve”, says Bob Mills Director of Sales and Marketing. 

“Precast is all we have ever done and have spent more than 2 years creating this product and accessories we are announcing now as well as future iterations.  The SSS will bring enhanced precision, safety and time-savings to the industry. ” 


“We’ve created a video to introduce the Smart Stress System and to describe the rather long list of what it can do, including the smart features.  This system will enhance the stressing operations for plants currently conventionally stressing strand.” The Smart Stress System - Brochure

Download PDF • 2.87MB

Hydraulic Stressing Jacks

SSS Hydraulic Jacks
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Benefits of the Smart Stress System by Hamilton Form Company

SMART and Easy to Use Controls

Downloadable pull data replaces handwritten logs and records.  Customizable software.


Four Different Hydraulic Jack Options

48” and 60” models have up to 46,000 pounds of tensioning power, for both ½” and 0.6” strand sizes. The 4 models meet customer requirements for most bed lengths and most utilized strand sizes.


Live Feedback Display

Real time diagnostics displayed including cylinder position, fluid temperature, and hydraulic pressure.


Wireless Communication

Wirelessly connect to system through secure and reliable gateway.


Automatic Data Logging

System monitors and records pull data for tracking and archiving purposes.  Data can be exported wirelessly or to direct USB storage.


Preset Pull Sheets

Input and save pull sheet information ahead of time for field use, without having to manually type in values during operation.


All Purpose Steel Storage Box

Compact utility box for general use storage mounted directly to power unit frame.


Rugged Steel Rimmed Foam-Filled Tires

Foam-filled rubber tires providing quiet and smooth mobility.


Universal Hitch

High strength ring connects to coupler or hook for universal towing needs.


High-Performance Worklights

Dual adjustable fixtures for maximum efficient area lighting.


Total Weight & Size

Weighs in at 2,350 lbs and measures 5’2” (H) x 3’6” (W) x 7’9”(L)



Hamilton Form Company began in Hamilton, Texas in 1967 and has grown into an innovative supplier to the precast, prestressed concrete industry.  The company is known for its expert teams who are solution-finding and customer-centric.  Hamilton collaborates with every customer to solve design challenges and produce forms and equipment for building bridges, stadiums, stairs, pilings and what it takes to build structures in North America.


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