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Architectural Casting Table

Architectural Casting Table

Hamilton Form’s Architectural Casting Table is designed to produce prestressed panels with an architectural finish. The understructure is made up of paired channels with stressing bars running through the channels. Load is transferred through the bars to the jacking abutments. The table is topped with a wood deck finished by the precaster to create the desired architectural finish. This design leaves the casting surface totally unaffected by stress loads.

Optional Features Include:

  • Fixed steel side rails

  • Hydraulically operated side rails

  • Adjustable jacking plates and hanging weldments

  • Spandrel loading capacity on one or both sides of the table

  • Vibrotrack™ vibration system attached to the underside of the table

  • Capstan winch system for Vibrotrack™

Supporting Equipment Available:

  • Flat Deck Cleaner

  • Stressing Jacks

  • Power Units and Carts

  • Strand Needles


Download PDF • 183KB

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