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Battery Mold

Battery Mold

Battery Molds are an efficient way to produce panel and wall sections vertically. Two stationary forms are typically built with a catwalk between them allowing for a safe and easy working platform to both molds. A soffit bolts in place on the support framework for the outside form to roll into place against while casting. After casting, the outside form rolls away for easy striping. Top-ties and underties spaced properly maintain critical dimensional tolerances. Soffits can be elevated on risers to vary panel heights. Mats may be used for almost any textured finish.

Optional Features include:

  • Integral pour spouts for narrow products.

  • A variety of top and end configurations are available.

  • End bulkheads as well as internal headers allow for product size changes.

  • Multiple soffit widths are available for use with the same forms.

  • Saf-T-Mate™ Catwalk System

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