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Bridge Girder

Bridge Girder

State and AASHTO Girder Side Forms and Soffits are typically designed to be non-self-stressing and are installed between abutments at the precast plant. Forms can be a split design to allow use of internal fillers to produce multiple products using the same top and bottom components. Under form ties and top ties are normally used to hold dimensional tolerances. Multiple form section lengths can be used to adjust your required casting length as well as future bed modifications.

Optional Features Include:

  • Vibrotrack™ in single or multiple locations

  • Multiple lifting device designs

  • Product headers

  • Multiple top tie designs

  • Roll-back side forms on wheels and tracks

  • EZ-Roll Form Movement System

  • Saf-T-Mate™ Catwalk System

Optional Features Include:

  • Stressing Jacks

  • Power Units and Carts

  • Embed and Beveled Plates

  • Strand Needles

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