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Double Tee

Double Tee

The Double Tee is one of the hardest working forms in a precast plant. Hamilton Form Company has more experience in providing Double Tee forms to precasters than any US manufacturer. All forms are designed for your specific needs in your market area. Forms are typically designed to be self-stressing for your required prestress load. Factors that help dictate design include product width, product depth, stem size and location, and stress load. Hamilton Form will design and manufacture the form that fits your needs.

Optional Features Include:

  • Vibrotrack™ on both sides

  • Bottom or top depressing capacity

  • Stressing capacity in the deck

  • Several dual-casting surface header designs

  • Stem fillers

  • Hinged jacking plates

  • Access steps

  • Fixed bent-in flange or a flat-deck top

  • Magnetic or bolt-down side rails

  • Previsions for electric heat curing rods

  • Saf-T-Mate™ Catwalk System

Supporting Equipment Available:

  • Double Tee Stem Cleaner

  • Tarp/Screed Carts

  • Utility Casting Machines

  • Stressing Jacks

  • Power Units and Carts

  • Positioning Frames

  • Access steps

  • Magnetic or bolt down side rails


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