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Hollow Core Slab Pallet

Hollow Core Slab Pallet

There is a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and complexity required today’s marketplace for beams and columns. This requires a wide variety of form designs to meet your present and future needs. Some of the form types available include self-stressing vessel designs, table and side form designs, and soffit and side form designs. Hamilton Form Company will design a forming solution to meet your requirements today and in the future.

Optional Features Available:

  • Multiple haunch and corbel designs

  • Vibrotrack™

  • Single and dual surface product headers

  • Roll-back side forms on tracks

  • Arched and sloped soffits

  • Multiple top tie and under tie designs

  • Multiple form lifting devices

Supporting Equipment Available:

  • Stressing Jacks

  • Power Units and Carts

  • Strand Needles

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