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Pilings and Cylindrical Pilings

Pilings and Cylindrical Pilings

Piling Forms and Cylindrical Piling Forms are available in many sizes and types to meet your requirement and specifications. Square piling forms can be single, dual, triple, or quad lines. Piling sizes can vary from 12” to 36” in size. While these forms are typically designed for your stressing load requirements, non-self-stressing forms are available. Octagonal shapes can be designed in multiple lines if required. Cylindrical Piling are available in your required diameter with hydraulic actuated voids for efficient production and labor savings.

Optional Features Include:

  • Void hold down devices

  • Dual-casting surface product headers

  • Multi-piece dual surface headers with removable center plates

  • Multiple jacking plates or multiple strand patterns in jacking plates

  • Removable form sections to meet your length requirements for cylindrical pile

  • Drop-down sections to allow easy handling on cylindrical pile

Supporting Equipment Available:

  • Piling cleaner Machine

  • Stressing Jacks

  • Power Units and Carts

  • Tarp Carts

  • Strand Needles


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