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Towers and Vaults

Towers and Vaults

Stair/Elevator Towers and Vaults are built to match precasters’ requirements. Tower forms are designed to cast a single piece box for stairs or elevator shaft. Your product requirements determine minimum and maximum lengths, widths, and sizes it need to expand to. Wall thicknesses are adjustable by moving sidewalls and changing soffits. Inner cores are hydraulically collapsible and outer forms roll back on tracks.

Vault/box forms are like Tower forms with some differences. Vaults will have a fixed core to create a 5-sided structure. Cores can have multiple chambers, slopes, and depths. Side forms can be rolled away, lifted away, or hydraulically opened to lay flat.

Optional Features Include:

  • Multiple vibration choices built into cores and sides

  • Saf-T-Mate™ Catwalk System

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