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Indian Street Bridge

The new Indian Street Bridge will cross the south fork of the St. Lucie River to connect Palm City with the city of Stuart in southeastern Florida. The bridge has a haunch girder center section and the newly introduced FIB78 (Florida I-Beams) on the approach spans.

CDS Manufacturing in Florida recently added several new beam lines to produce the new Florida beams including a dedicated line to produce the high volume FIB78 for the Indian River project. This project however, also calls for haunch girders.

Hamilton Form quickly went to work to design and build formwork to cast the haunch girders. The girders are 114-feet long, 11-feet tall at the center, and slope to 6-foot, 6-inches at the ends. A recess in the sideform creates the haunch at the centerline. Forms were completed with a hinged catwalk, railing, and Vibrotrack.TM

Hamilton Form also supplied CDS with galvanized embed and beveled plates for the project.

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