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Hamilton Form Introduces The Smart Stress System - SSS

A Smarter Way to Stress Strand

The Smart Stress System

Smart Features

• Hydraulic cylinder has position-sensing capabilities (LVDT sensor, or comparable).
• Controls (including HMI screens) are easy to understand without extensive training of the product.
• SSS has capability to store calibration data points for a maximum of 5 different cylinder stroke sizes.
• Hydraulic fluid temperature is automatically maintained. Temperature range is adjustable.
• SSS records "target"
 and "actual" pull information for each strand pull.  This includes strand elongation using the position sensor and pull force using the fluid pressure sensor.
• SSS can wirelessly pull, store, and export in the form of logs or reports for customer’s use.

The Smart Stress System - Features

The Smart Stress System - Brochures

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Hydraulic Stressing Jacks

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