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Haunch Girder

Haunch Girder

Haunch Girder forms are designed and manufactured to meet the specific geometry for a specific job. A soffit is supported on a framework to hold the specific slope or radius required for the bottom of the girder. Sideforms are configured to the necessary cross-section throughout the girder from center to end to include thickened areas for load support. Forms are designed to overcome the large hydrostatic loads that are developed. Top-ties and underties spaced properly maintain critical dimensional tolerances.

Optional Features Include:

  • Multiple vibration choices can be built into the forms.

  • Several approaches to handling the forms can be customized to meet specific needs.

  • Multiple pour access openings can be added as required.

  • Saf-T-Mate™ Catwalk System

Supporting Equipment and Components Available:

  • Stressing jacks

  • Power Units and carts

  • Embed and Beveled Plates

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